Short-Term Boarding

Although Double Eagle Ranch caters to long-term pasture and stall boarders, it is important to understand that we offer boarding to those people who want to place their horse in a pasture or stall because of a vacation or perhaps over the winter months. The various mare and gelding pastures are each about 40 acres. We have all grass pastures, windbreak shelters, feeding stations and automatic waterers in each. For those horses that might require dry lots, we have areas for these horses, with shelters, restrictive feeders and automatic waters. See amenities for more detail of what we offer.

For those boarders who want to stall their horses, we have two insulated barns with turnout pens or pastures, tack rooms, and wash racks.

Prices are consistent with those of long-term boarding and those people interested are encouraged to contact the office for specifics. Quarantine rules may apply.